Joanna Seidel has been recognized in the following pieces of media:

Radio Show: Single In The City with Laura Bilotta
This week’s guest: Joanna Seidel, a family therapist, and Kris Simpson, a single father.

Global News, March 2017
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Gelman & Associates, March 2017
The Voice of The Child

Today’s Parent, May 2016
25 things to talk about before getting pregnant

Today’s Parent, August 2015
Do you hate your kid’s friend’s parents?

The Star, December 2014
How to get your kids to break their grossest habits

Slice, September 2014
Expert Advice: The Reason You Can’t Get Your Guy to Open Up

Globe and Mail, May 2013
I decided to go all-phone for a week. Here’s what I learned

Today’s Parent, January 2013
Siblings: Sharing a Coed Eedroom

The Grid, June 2012
You want sex. Your boyfriend wants comfy pants and last week’s Mad Men

Lisa Evans, 2012
Ring in the New Year Right

Global Post, 2012
What Do You Do When You Want to Break Off a Friendship but Your Kids Are Friends?

Digital Journal, December 2011
Curbing holiday family drama: Tips for coping with stress

Toronto Sun, March 2011
Getting Accepted to University
University letters from are arriving in mailboxes by the day – so why are families so upset?

Chatelaine, November 2010
How to Juggle Family During the Holidays

Town Crier, November 2010
Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids

Ezine Mark, April 2010
Are we too busy for relationships?, September 2009
Family Therapy and Marriage Counseling