About Joanna Seidel

Joanna Seidel Toronto Family Therapist

Joanna Seidel has been counselling individuals, families and children and has helped couples re-connect for over a decade. She is a child and family therapist and specializes in separation and divorce. She has been on the panel of Clinical Investigators for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer since 2011.

Joanna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, graduating with Honors from York University, and a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Toronto. She is a Social Worker registered with the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers in the Greater Toronto Area. She is also a member if the Association of Family Conciliation Courts.

Joanna Seidel has particular expertise in the area of separation and divorce. She has worked extensively in her practice with families and children, helping them manage the often difficult, stressful and emotional process of separation and divorce. With Joanna’s guidance, families learn strategies to cope with this challenging process and to minimize the conflicts and disputes that arise.

Prior to establishing her private practice in Toronto 2006, Joanna worked in mental health settings and children’s agencies.

Office of the Children’s Lawyer

As a Clinical Investigator on the Clinical Panel for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Ministry of the Attorney General, Joanna conducts assessments under Section 112 of the Children’s Law Reform Act. She provides custody and access reports to the courts and clinical assistance to lawyers representing children in custody/access disputes.

Joanna’s Approach

Joanna Seidel is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Attachment Theory, and uses these modalities to help her clients move beyond negative emotions and damaging patterns and work towards positive outcomes by facilitating change. Joanna approaches each client with empathy and respect. She strives to support, empower and challenge her clients to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. Joanna Seidel encourages her clients to find creative solutions to achieve happier, more fulfilled and richer lives, capitalizing on their inner strengths.