Kristen Chambers - Parenting Time Support Worker

Kristen Chambers

Parenting Time Support Worker

Kristen Chambers provides supervised and therapeutic parenting time sessions, as well as in-home or virtual child, family and parenting support sessions. She has a degree in Early Childhood Development, and is a mother of two teenagers. She has created a lifetime career of supporting families to heal, feel heard, and to find joy. This passion has stemmed from her own life experiences, and her firm belief in the good in people and the restorative power of human connection. Kristen has worked with families for over 25 years in child development, family crisis, parenting support, counselling, and coaching. She has worked in the fields of maternal and post-natal care, child abuse, parent-child conflict, child behaviours, parenting conflict, separation and divorce, domestic violence, teen online safety and human trafficking. Kristen believes in people’s ability to create change for themselves, and to find the answers, and her role is simply to support you in doing so. She works with family members from a non-judgemental, trauma-informed, strength-based, family centred approach. Kristen is thrilled to begin helping you and your family find joy!

What can Kristen help you with – supporting your children’s emotional development; communication within your family; worries about your relationship; feelings of uncertainty and confidence as a parent; worries about your children’s safety online, in the community, in relationships; worries about connectedness as a family; becoming the best mother or father you hope to be; worries about safety in relationships; reaching your individual and family goals; managing behaviours; working through separation issues for your family; supporting you to make a plan to begin a deeper journey through therapy and other services; anything that might be impacting on you and your family!

What Kristen can help you do – identify areas of struggle in your family, individually, as parents together, as a family; empower you and your family to feel in control of positive change; help to put pieces of the puzzle together to better understand triggers, responses, and to clarify strengths and challenges; help you to create small steps to bring about the change you wish to see; problem-solve with you along the way; provide options for additional supports to consider along the way; be flexible and creative in how you work together to meet your family or child’s needs.