Parenting Plans

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A parenting plan is an agreement between both parents that outlines how they will raise their children after separation and divorce. A parenting plan will define the responsibility of both parents and highlight how parenting time is shared between them. A detailed and comprehensive parenting plan can help families adjust to the changes after separation/divorce. The needs of all members of the family, especially the children will be considered through the process of creating the plan. Joanna Seidel can assist parents create a parenting plan that reflects the best interest of the family and children.

What should be included in a parenting plan?

  • Anything the parents need to agree on about the children
  • A schedule that outlines how parents divide the day-to-day care of the children and residential arrangements (there are many different schedules of how parents can divide and spend time with their children)
  • How major decision-making responsibilities will be allocated (education, medical and health care, and religious upbringing)
  • How both parents will continue to be involved in the children’s activities (school, sports, and other interests)
  • How children spend their holidays, vacation time, and special occasions
  • How the agreement can get modified when necessary to adjust to the changing needs of the children or the parents

A successful parenting plan must include enough detail to ensure children will not experience ongoing arguments and conflicts between their parents about the arrangements. Well-documented parenting plans can create a stable, consistent and predictable arrangement for the children after separation.