Therapeutic Reintegration

father and child riding bicycles in the sunset

Therapeutic Reintegration is counselling to restore parent-child contact and to reunite parents and their children when their relationship has been severed. Therapeutic Reintegration Therapy is intensive therapy that involves all family members including both parents and their child/children.

When should Therapeutic Reintegration occur?

  • When a child is resisting a relationship with one parent
  • When a child has a difficult/problematic relationship with a parent
  • When a child is refusing/rejecting contact with a parent and as a result the parenting plan/access arrangement is not being followed

What is the goal of Therapeutic Reintegration?

  • The primary goal of therapy is to work with each parent and the children toward re-establishing an appropriate parent-child relationship
  • To educate the parents to understand the needs of their children and the negative impact when children have a detached relationship with one of their parents